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If you live in Japan, or have access to some of the more common Japanese snack foods, you have certainly seen– and probably eaten– some of the huge variety of dried squid products that are usually packaged in small quantities as a jerky-type snack to accompany alcoholic beverages. I’m a great lover of squid myself, […]

I am nuts about cheesecake, and each season of the year inspires me to make up a new recipe. Welcome cherry blossom-viewing season with this fragrant Sakura Cheesecake. The gentle cherry blossom scent comes from using salt-preserved cherry leaves. The leaves have the greater share of this fragrance, and though I used salt-preserved cherry blossoms […]

The Incredible Edible Lily Root (yuri-ne in Japanese) is another one of those glorious root vegetables that I’ve been raving about in my blogs. Today I produced a three-course meal with two lily roots: an appetizer, a cream soup, and a stir-fry. Lily root looks a bit like a head of garlic, but flatter. It […]