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This is a tasty way to use up any mochi you have leftover from New Years. I stock up on brown rice mochi blocks on the rare occasions it is offered through my food co-op, and I usually have some kind of cheese and sandwich ham in the fridge. Ingredients (1 serving) 1 block of […]

Tempura is one of those dishes that I get a strong craving for every once in a while, and which I tend to order on the rare occasions I eat out. But I’d never been able to imitate the awesomely light and crispy coating that the professionals seem to effortlessly produce. That is, until I […]

The Incredible Edible Lily Root (yuri-ne in Japanese) is another one of those glorious root vegetables that I’ve been raving about in my blogs. Today I produced a three-course meal with two lily roots: an appetizer, a cream soup, and a stir-fry. Lily root looks a bit like a head of garlic, but flatter. It […]