About this blog

Itadakimasu!” is the phrase with which we traditionally begin each meal in Japan. Roughly it means,  “I will humbly partake [in this meal which has been made possible by many many people].” It can also be used when receiving gifts other than food.  I am a non-Japanese, born and raised in Japan. For half a century I have thankfully partaken in, and internalized, the food, language, and culture of Japan. If you are willing and interested in experiencing Japan through my multi-colored spectacles, Welcome to My World. Together, let’s cook and eat and interact on many different facets of Japanese food culture, and see where it takes us.

About me

Photo+4_2Born and raised in Japan, I have lived for most of my life on the island of Hokkaido, home to the Ainu, Japan’s indigenous people. I’ve been translating professionally for over thirty years; everything from patents and business contracts to Ainu folklore and the novels of best-selling Japanese Christian writer Miura Ayako. My passions include books, creative cookery, and the Japanese folk art known as Etegami.

Come visit my other websites:

Dosankodebbie’s Etegami Notebook (Japanese postcard art)

My Wagashi Chronicles (traditional Japanese confections)

Project U-e-peker (Ainu culture and folklore)

The World of Miura Ayako (Japanese novelist)

3 Responses to “about”

  1. Debbie! I was so tickled to see your name pop up that you are following my blog. Stopped in thinking it was your Etegami blog. Looks like you are having fun doing a good inspired blog. How lovely. I’m not the chef in my house, so I am headed over to see what you’re up to in the way of Etegami. 😘

  2. Hi Margie. I’m not active on my WordPress food blog anymore. But you can always find me on my Etegami blog and on Facebook and Twitter. Just google dosankodebbie.

  3. Wish you instagrammed!! I don’t Facebook. But, I am headed over to see your always inspiring Etegami.

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