Shimesaba Mizore-Ae with Apples


Mizore, which literally means “sleet” in Japanese, is also a culinary term used to describe clear soups or nabe-mono into which finely grated daikon radish has been stirred.  Ae stands for Ae-mono, one of the basic categories of Japanese cuisine in which small-cut ingredients (often cooked vegetables such as spinach or green beans), are tossed with a thick dressing, such as subtly seasoned sesame paste, miso, or creamed tofu. In this recipe I made a non-traditional mizore from daikon and apples, and used it to turn Shimesaba (vinegar-pickled mackerel that is a popular sushi topping) into a refreshing salad-style side dish.


sashimi-grade Shimesaba, sliced thin……….200 grams

daikon radish……….200 grams

red-skinned apple……….1/4

green-skinned apple……….1/4

juice and zest of yuzu fruit…………1  (or substitute 1/2 lemon)

fresh ginger root……….1 small knob

Apple Mizore steps 1~3:

1. Peel the daikon radish and grate it finely. Place it in a medium-sized mixing bowl.

2. Remove the center cores, but not the peels, of 1/4 red-skinned apple, and 1/4  green-skinned apple. Grate the apples, leaving just an inch strip of the fruit (attached to peel) from each apple to use as garnish in final step. Add the grated apple to the grated daikon in the bowl.

3. Peel and grate the small piece of fresh ginger and add to above. Stir in juice squeezed from one yuzu (or 1/2 lemon).

Finishing steps 4~5:

4. Cut the reserved apple peel strips into small dices so that the colors show. Finely sliver the yuzu zest. Set aside.

5. Arrange the sliced shimesaba on a plate. Drain excess liquid from the mizore mixture and gently pile the mizore on top of the fish. Before serving, sprinkle the whole with the diced apple and yuzu zest slivers. Each diner may mix the mizore and shimesaba together before eating.


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